TEARS founder speaks out

The former director of a non-profit animal rescue group TEARS is speaking out after being accused of mishandling money and cruelty to animals.

Tara Cotromano talked to FOX6 News by phone Saturday night saying the accusations against her are not true and they she was illegally fired as the executive director of the non-profit organization.

Saturday the Vice President of TEARS Leigh Anne Bennett released three videos which she says are dozens of cats inside a trailer which is located at the TEARS property in MULGA.

"All of this is desperate attempt on behalf of these two board members who just simply have a desire for power and knew that they were going to be voted out," said Cotromano who spoke to FOX6 News about the accusations she now faces.

Cotromano plans on going to court Monday morning to get a judge to rule on the legality of the board's decision.

Bennett said the Jefferson County Sheriff has taken dozens of animals including donkeys and two aguana's from the TEARS property and that they are being cared for by the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.