White Chocolate Pistachio Delights

White Chocolate Pistachio Delights

One package pistachio pudding mix

2 cups cold milk[I am substituting 1/4 cup milk with white chocolate liqueur]

12 ladyfingers

Mint leaves for garnish

Raspberry sauce drizzle

This is a quick and easy dessert for New Year's Eve.Mix one package pudding mix with 2 cups cold milk.Whisk for about 2 minutes.In this case I have substituted 1/4 cup milk with white chocolate liqueur.Soak ladyfingers in white chocolate liqueur for 5-10 seconds.Arrange in cups,and pour pudding in the middle.This will set in 5 minutes.Refrigerate before serving.Garnish with mint leaves and drizzle with raspberry sauce.The liqueur is totally optional but does add a nice flavor to pistachio and other puddings.We hope you try this out;I think you will enjoy it!!!Happy New Year,and we will see you in 2010.

Thank you,
Mark Giorgi
All Around Town Catering

Noon Cooking - December 30, 2009