Opposition to proposed Mountain Brook development

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - Signs continue to pop over all over Mountain Brook opposed to a new 200 million dollar development.

The Evson company is proposing a major development for the Mountain Brook Shopping Center that will. This will include new shops, restaurants and a hotel.

Lisa Levey has lived in Mountain Brook for only since August but she has a strong opinion about the project."I think they should keep it like it is. A quaint little village. It really adds to the flavor of Mountain Brook."Levey said.

Up to 700 signs against the project which is called Lane Parke of  Mountain Brook can be seen throughout the city. The group called Friends of Mountain Brook Villages created the signs.""The footprint of the project is out of scale for the area. The heights of the buildings go to 61 feet."Cornelia LaRussa said.

Over at Charlott's Woodson's Antiques, a model shows customers the potential size of the project. "They want to take all of that down. The 60 year old oak tree, and put something like Brookwood Village, which could be anywhere in the United States."Dinah Torro said.

Those opposed to the project say they are open to a revised version, one on a smaller scale. Still people who work and live here say the area needs updating."Everyone would like to see something done with strip mall which is owned by the Evson Company."Torro said.

"We have a beautiful shopping area. We want a friendly environment. We want that preserved. The length of the street is six football fields long."LaRussa said. The Mountain Brook City Council which has held three public hearings will not move on any rezoning until they see a possible revised plan.