Children found in filth, suspects identified

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It all started when someone called police saying children were playing in the street off Arkadelphia Road.

When police arrived and went to the home, the male suspect told officers he didn't have any children.

That man is 47 year-old Hector Lazada. His co-defendant is Lidia Gilmore Lazada.

 She is 41 years old. Both are charged with 2 counts of child abuse, and both have a $15,000 bond for each charge.

Hector Lazada  reportedly showed investigators around this home. Police noticed less than ideal conditions with dog waste and trash scattered throughout the place.

As police were leaving, officers heard a cry from the basement, and then they discovered two young children locked in the basement.

Investigators say the basement's  conditions were worse than above, with dirty diapers and other trash everywhere.

Lazada claimed to be the kids father.  He and Lidia Lazada are in Birmingham Jail.

The children are in DHR custody.