Without furloughs, Birmingham looks for ways to right budget

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham's acting mayor, along with several councilors, met Monday to discuss methods other than furloughs to fill a $20-million hole.

Four furlough days would free up three million dollars in the budget.
But the majority of city councilors are against taking pay away from employees.

To avoid furloughs, councilors are looking at cutting costs in every city department, including making cuts to things like travel and utility costs.

Another proposal is to take money set aside from capital projects

"There was allocated about four million to be spent on the dome. To date, they've spent between  $350,000 and $400,000", said council member Johnathan Austin. "So that's 3.5 million left that has not been spent. So there's money available if we need it in projects like that."

"Certainly if the council feels that it can find other ways to plug the whole then yeah I'm for that. I think the object is just to get the holes plugged," said Roderick Royal, Birmingham's Interim Mayor.

The interim mayor says he's hopeful the council will figure out how to fix the $20-million dollar deficit without furloughs.

Councilors will hold 3 budget workshops by mid-January to crunch numbers.