Birmingham City School Superintendent choice leaves some not happy

One group and a state representative are not happy with the Birmingham City Schools choice for the new superintendent.

Members of Citizens for Better Schools and State Representative Mary Moore held a news conference in front of the Board of Education building.

They feel Dr. Craig Witherspoon is not a good fit.

The group claimed to have done some research on Dr. Witherspoon saying they checked his progress as Superintendent of Edgecombe County Schools.

"What we have in Dr. Witherspoon is inexperience, insufficient academic leadership," said Ronald Jackson with Citizens for Better Schools.

"He's an excellent candidate. I think he'll lead our system forward," said Board President W.J. Maye. "He has charisma, knowledge, has concern for children that's what we want."

Dr. Craig Witherspoon has twenty one years of experience in education including being a teacher, an assistant principal and a principal.

He's currently the Superintendent of Edgecombe County Schools in North Carolina.