Teen faces 20 years for mother's murder

CALHOUN COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - An east Alabama teen faces 20 years in prison for her mother's murder.

Lindsay Danielle Morgan admitted to the 2007 murder of her mother, Brenda Ingram. She told police, at the time, the killing was over a dispute involving a cell phone.

Tuesday at her sentencing, witnesses told the court Morgan has shown no remorse and even got a tattoo with the words "grim reaper." Others say she led a life of chaos and abuse, despite her honor roll status in school, and is turning her life around. "This case is a tragedy, it's a tragedy for all of those who's involved, for everyone who's affected by the loss of the deceased, as well as the family of miss morgan," says Morgan's attorney, Dave Johnston

Danielle Morgan told the judge she was sorry and deserved whatever punishment she received, but added that no one had any idea what kind of life she led with her mother.

Judge Brian Howell denied her request for probation, meaning she will likely serve at least 17 years of her sentence.