Center Point Elementary holds parade for reading achievements

CENTER POINT, AL (WBRC) - Center Point Elementary held a parade, not for Christmas, but for achievement. The reading achievement parade was to celebrate more than 200 students in the first and second grades who made their reading goals for the semester. Students had to increase their reading speed and comprehension. The Erwin High School Marching Band took part along with the Center Point Fire Dept. and the Jefferson County Sheriff's office."The whole idea was to having a reading incentive for the kids for the first semester to help focus their attention to being a better reader."Laura Rose, Center Point Elementary Principal said.
Among the marchers was Mya Cooks who braved the cold weather to be a part of the parade. "Happy, because I reached it. So I could march in the parade," Mya said.

This is the second year for the parade. One proud mother was glad to see her son participate. "It's very exciting. He is excited about this as I am. It just teaches them if they keep going, striving for what they are doing they will be awarded," Ghia Lee said.
Students who watched on the sidelines hope to be a part of the parade next year. The goal out here at Center Point Elementary is to make this parade even bigger next year. Certainly seven-year-old Mya has already established her goals for her accomplishments.
Mya already has her goals set for life."A teacher and a doctor," Mya said