Bass Pro Shop honors Local Officers for Christmas

Giving back to those who risk their lives everyday.  It was the theme Sunday at Bass Pro Shop in Leeds.  A private night of discounts, drawings and family activities was held for police officers, firefighters, paramedics, veterans and soldiers who sometimes don't get the 'thanks' they deserve.

With every piece of outdoor merchandise you can imagine, folks from Bass Pro wanted to say Thank You.  Each type officer received a 10 % discount Sunday night, a show of appreciation during the Christmas season.  "There's no better time to recognize local heroes.  Firefighters, EMT"s, war veterans than Christmas.  I think that's what Christmas is all about," said Sales Manager Shannon Morgan.

An EMT and soon to be paramedic, Nolin Trowbridge, his wife and daughter didn't know about the special night.  But when they found out, say it was a great way to start the Christmas season.

"Its nice to have people say thank you every once in a while and just that...doing that every once in a while makes the day go by easier because we have long hours," Trowbridge said.

Kevin Goolsby shopped with his wife, children and family, also getting pictures made with Santa for free.  Goolsby says its a great gesture at a time when so much negative is taking place.  "I mean you don't know how much it helps us, especially saving on money, seeing Santa for free, so its great, its real great."