Controversy surrounds Birmingham supt search

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Controversy surrounds the search for Birmingham City Schools next superintendent.

People are upset Deborah Horn is a top five candidate because she's had a working relationship with Board President W.J. Maye.

Board members say no one on the board had anything to do with selecting the top five candidates. A search firm was hired to do so.

Maye says he knows Horn because they were both principals at the same time in Birmingham.

Maye says he'll choose the person he feels will do the best job.

"Just because we know we know each other has nothing to do with this," said Maye. "She has her skills and that's what we want someone to bring to us. If she is chosen we want her to bring skills as well as anyone else who might come."

"I know that the questions haven't been answered about that relationship," said board member Phyllis Wyne. "That's what people in the community are asking me about."

Board member, Phyllis Wyne, says Maye should take himself out of the search process.

Maye says right now he doesn't feel the need to do so.

The school board says it's committed to a fair process and plans to select a qualified superintendent by December 17th.