Sheriff's Dept thanks citizens for recent arrests

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County deputies are thanking observant neighbors for helping them crack down on a recent spike in home burglaries. Deputies have arrested 13 people in the last two weeks.

The most recent example happened Friday morning in the 1500 block of Miami Drive. A neighbor spotted suspicious activity in front of a nearby house.  He called 911, and the quick action helped deputies catch the two suspects, and return some of the stolen items.

Deputy Randy Christian said residents play a big role in helping deputies fight crime.

"It's a powerful partnership when our citizens have the confidence to call local law enforcement," said Christian, "They know we will take action and get these guys off the street."

Christian said he encourages people to keep an eye out for odd people or cars in their neighborhoods, and consider starting a neighborhood association or crime watch group.

"We preach that all the time if you live somewhere, you recognize cars coming out of there, and who is home and not home, there is nobody better than that to look out for each other," said Christian.

Christian said home burglaries typically increase around the holidays, so people need to be especially cautious this time of year.