UAB investigator makes revolutionary new gunsight

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A University of Alabama Vision Science Research Center investigator may have found a better way to aim a pistol.

Timothy Kraft, Ph.D., has developed a gunsight he calls 'Opti-sight'.  He says that Opti-Sight can reduce the time law enforcement, professional and amateur shooters need for target practice to improve marksmanship.

Here's how UAB explains the Opti-sight from the press release:

Opti-sight is a precision-milled half-triangle shape that replaces the traditional pistol gunsight. The design relies on subjective contours, an optics principle that explains how the subconscious mind fills in the blanks when the eye sees half of a familiar shape like a circle, square or triangle, Kraft says.

The rear opti-sight notch looks like an incomplete triangle sitting atop the gun barrel. When a shooter looks through the notch, the brain tells the eye where the missing triangle apex should appear, and that apex is the precise point of aim, Kraft says. "This triangular shape that I've created allows the brain to visualize concentric triangles whose imaginary apexes focus the shooter's attention on the exact target bullseye.

UAB says that marksmen will see improvements more quickly with Opti-sight than with a traditional sight.