Etowah County sheriff ups patrols for holidays

ETOWAH COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Extra eyes will be on Etowah County neighborhoods during the holidays.
Deputies have been working extra shifts to make sure burglars do not help themselves to Christmas gifts and other items.
Deputies will visit different parts of the county at different times.

Usually there is extra money at the end of the year to pay for overtime. This year, the sheriff says he has had to tighten the budget to pay for the patrol. "But everybody's budgets are hurting this year," says Sheriff Todd Entrekin. "So we're just managing it this year alone with our overtime budget.  We'll really have to watch it close, we may have to adjust throughout the year on some other things, but this is important enough that we want to continue this."   

The sheriff says the tactic seems to be working. He reports a decline in burglaries.