Tuscaloosa schools talk about delaying school for Tide's game

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The Tuscaloosa Board of Education is considering following the University of Alabama's lead and changing the school calendar to allow people to attend the National Championship game on January 7.

University officials announced earlier this week they will start the spring semester three days later than normal because of the game.

Tuscaloosa City School officials are also considering starting school on January 11 instead of January 7.

At Thursday's meeting, board members discussed the pros and cons. Superintendent Dr. Joyce Levey said they have a lot to consider.

"It would be nice to align our schedule with UA," said Dr. Levey, "but we have to look at daycare for teachers and find places for students to go."

Dr. Levey said students would have to make up the days.

That means they would likely lose their two day spring holiday in April, and have to add one day to the end of the year.

Parents said they support the idea of starting school later because of the game.

"I think they should let them go out to California and watch the game," said Robin Averette. "It would be fun, they can make it up."

"I think the accomplishments of the University of Alabama are great," said Clarence Sutton, "I think the whole community should show respect for that accomplishment and participate in the celebration of that accomplishment."

The school board did not vote on the idea and will revisit it during a future meeting.