Vote to be made next week on Sheriff Hale's budget

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Another big vote next comes week on Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale's budget. The sheriff is backing a resolution asking for $1.6 million to bring back 32 employees including deputies off of leave without pay."Let the people of the county know we have people at home who can't pay their bills and people on the job this is a safer county," Lt. Randy Christian, Sheriff's spokesman said.
Commissioners William Bell and Bobby Humphryes are backing the resolution. Humphryes believes the money can be found out of the $50 milliion dollar settlement with J-P Morgan with the SEC. "I don't see why we can't use one point six million dollars of that money and put people back to work. It's as simple as that, "Humphryes said.

Humphryes' usual ally, Commissioner Jim Carns disagrees. "We are taking 1.6 million dollars out of the budget we are under. That will require a budget amendment. I think the budget amendment will be shrunk. I think this is going in the wrong direction," Carns said.
Commission President Bettye Fine Collins blasted the two commissioners for proposing to take money from an already balanced budget. "It's show of fiscal irresponsibility by two commissioners," Collins said.
Collins says Sheriff Hale owes the county $1.6 million because he over spent his budget from last year. Lt. Christian disagrees. "She is playing a shell game with other people's money. It's a dangerous game. Obvious to me she has no idea what it takes to keep the public safe," Christian said.