Governor Riley fires back about family ethics violations

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Governor Bob Riley fires back. In Birmingham before a civic club, Riley responded to allegations of ethics violations involving his family.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Johnson has asked the attorney general to investigate contracts given to Riley's son's law firm and the governor's son-in-law's law firm with Jefferson County. Johnson contends there is a conflict with Gov. Riley involved in talks with Wall Street banks over the county's massive sewer debt crisis.

Riley says he had a meeting with un-named individuals a week or so ago. Riley says he was told if he did not back off a push for ousting electronic bingo gambling and restrictions on ethics laws, they would come after him and his family with everything they got. "There is hundreds of millions of dollars of gambling money on the line. The only thing I'm saying we are going to follow the law. If they come after my family so be it," Riley said.

The governor says the Alabama Education Association is also opposed to his effort bring in charter schools. Riley says gambling interest and teacher union representatives have been attending Johnson's news conferences. Johnson tells Fox6 news that is not true. "I would say he is trying to distract attention from the real issues which is starting a year ago, he took over as lead negotiator for the county he let his children's law firm get contracts with the county," Johnson said. The GOP candidate says if the governor and his family were threatened it should be investigated and prosecuted. Johnson has reported a death threat to authorities since he started raising ethics questions involving Riley.