Neighbors of suspect cop shooter in shock

Bart Wayne Johnson (source Shelby County Sheriff's Department)
Bart Wayne Johnson (source Shelby County Sheriff's Department)

KIMBERLY, AL (WBRC) - All was quiet in front of Bart Johnson's home on Angel View Lane in Kimberly Friday afternoon, but neighbors said it was a much different story early Friday morning.  

"I heard the doorbell ring and a cop came and told Aaron, 'Stay put.  Don't come outside,'" said Maggie Box, speaking of what police told her son around 1:30 am.  

She said the officer returned to his car and pulled out a rifle while other officers from other jurisdictions circled the area.

"I didn't know what was going on...I had no clue what was happening."  

It would be several hours later before she learned Johnson had been charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Pelham police officer Phillip Davis.  The news sent the Kimberly community reeling.  

"They seemed like nice people," Box exclaimed. "You'd never think they'd do anything like that.  Never. I mean wow."

Box said she didn't know what Johnson's occupation was, but Friday afternoon, two men who identified themselves as being with the State Pharmacy Board stopped by Johnson's home for a brief visit.  

Meanwhile, neighbors describe him as a laid back family man.  

"You wouldn't think something like this ever." Box said.