Final forums give candidates last chance to win a vote

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Birmingham mayoral election is just five days away, and candidates are doing all they can to talk up the big issues.

There have been several debates and forums throughout the week. Many of the candidates have used the opportunities to reach out to voters.

Thursday night, a group of Birmingham young adults called "The Roundtable," hosted a debate where candidates discussed transportation, crime, and the economy.

Organizers said it was important for them to give voters the chance to hear from candidates.

"Events like this are crucial for this type of election," said event organizer Eric Guster, "People had only a month to make a decisions. That is why we formed this group to throw this type of event."

Many voters said they have already decided who they will vote for on Tuesday, but appreciate the opportunity to hear from the candidates.

"I think if we can be a little more informed we can make better decisions than we might have done in the past," said Kira Fonteneau.

Officials at the Jefferson County Board of Registrars said they are expecting a low voter turnout Tuesday.  They said the fact that the election is so close to Christmas may keep people at home.

The turnout in the last city election was 13%.