FBI asks shoppers to be careful while shopping online

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Millions of Americans will do their holiday shopping online this month.

The FBI warns those very shoppers about seasonal scams. Shoppers should watch out for cyber criminals trying to steal your money.

Last year, there were millions of dollars in losses to consumers because of undelivered merchandise resulting from folks buying from bogus websites.

Folks are being told to beware of fraudulent auction sites and don't go to questionable sites.

FBI officials say you should know who you are giving your personal information to while online.

"You want to check that website out make sure it's a legitimate company," said Dale Miskell with the FBI's Cyber Crime Unit.  "Do a Google search to see if there has been any complaints about it."

Some other things to look out for are phony gifts cards from online sites.

Also if you're shopping online look for the little "lock" icon to make sure the website is secure.