Tips that'll keep you away from doctor on Black Friday

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Stores aren't the only business expected to be busy Friday. Doctor's offices are preparing for a wave of customers suffering from overeating and other Thanksgiving-related infirmities.

American Family Care in Vestavia Hills is relatively quiet today, but what about Friday?                 Dr. Celeste Reese says that's when the post-turkey fun starts.

"I've had people come in with fish hooks in their back because they've been out trying to fish; all the way up to rashes, lots of vomiting" Dr. Reese said. "It usually is a pretty interesting day."

So how do you make sure you're a shopper and not a patient on Black Friday? First, eat little snacks before lunch.

"It is better and healthier to eat smaller, lighter meals than it is to starve yourself all day and eat a large meal," said Dr. Reese. "When you starve yourself all day you kind of put your stomach in a mode of "well, when I do intake something I've got to hold onto all these calories because I don't know when I'm going to get anymore."

And when you get to the big meal, Dr. Reese says to be smart about how you fill your plate.

"Just get a smaller portion of it, then you can go back and get more after you wait an hour or so, get up and walk around and then come back for more."