Some elementary students in Cullman get H1N1 vaccine

CULLMAN, AL (WBRC) - About 30 Cold Springs Elementary students became armed against the H1N1 virus after receiving vaccinations Tuesday. That's about one third of the student body. The vaccinations were provided by the Cullman County Health Department.

It was not too long ago that Cold Springs faced a battle of its own against the swine flu. "We had two to three days last month with several students out," said principal Phillip Gay. He says that's when the school hired a professional crew to come and clean the building. Tuesday's vaccinations were just one more step in the process to keep students healthy. "It's a proactive approach to help prevent futures sickness from our children," Gay said.

Instead of giving students a shot, they were given the live virus in a spray mist sprayed into their nose. It's a method 3rd grader Skye Knowles says she appreciates. "I'd rather have a spray then a shot," Knowles said. "Because shots hurt way more than sprays do." Hunter McDowell echoed her thoughts. "It didn't really hurt," he said.

Officials say their goal was to help parents as much as possible, by making the vaccines free and by giving them at school. And it seems to work. "They did fantastic," said Johnnie Copeland, a nurse helping out with the vaccines. "They were better behaved without the parents actually."