Iron Bowl versus Black Friday prediction

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Go shopping Friday or watch the Iron Bowl?

It's the perfect storm as two of the biggest events of the year fall on the same day.

So which will you do?

Retail analyst Mickey Gee believes many people will map out plans to watch the game, and take advantage of some unheard of Black Friday deals.

But there are some who are choosing between shopping and the Iron Bowl.

Traditionally for malls and stores, the sales are early in the day, ending around lunch time.

"Because it's on Black Friday I have to sacrifice one of the two," said Fran Calhoun. "So we are definitely are going to have to sacrifice watching the game. I can always watch the highlights."

"I'd watch the game either way that comes first," said Keith Henley.

Mickey Gee believes sales will be higher than last year.

He believes consumers know there are some great deals to be had on Black Friday.

With more stores staying open on Thanksgiving Day, some folks may find the deals they are looking for ahead of Black Friday.