1 dead, others injured in Brookwood coal mine

BROOKWOOD, AL (WBRC) - An employee of Jim Walter Resources died Monday night at mine number seven in Brookwood.

Walter Energy, owner of Jim Walter Resources No. 7 Mine in Brookwood, announced the death of the miner in a statement Tuesday morning. It said late Monday evening, two employees were conducting a routine inspection of a non-production area of Mine No. 7 when they missed a scheduled check-in point. Mine managers dispatched additional personnel to the inspection area to investigate, who then found both miners.  Walter Energy said one was responsive and the other was not.

During the evacuation of the two injured miners, Walter Energy said several members of the evacuation team began exhibiting signs of heat stress. They, along with the injured miner, were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

"My deepest sympathies and the sympathies of the entire Walter Energy family go out to the family of the deceased," said George R. Richmond, president and chief operating officer of Walter Energy, in the statement to FOX6 News. "We will order a full investigation as to the cause of today's incident."

Walter Energy said production at the No. 7 Mine had been idled and would remain idle for at least 24 hours.