Smitherman asks for details on dome

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Acting Birmingham Mayor Carole Smitherman wants details and commitments from any work on the domed stadium.

Smitherman attended her first board meeting of the BJCC board of directors Wednesday where she asked the board to give Birmingham residents 50 percent of jobs generated off of the domed stadium. Smitherman also asked for details of what parties would be interested in coming to the facility.

"I don't believe in you build it and they will come," Smitherman said.

The acting mayor also told board members the city of Birmingham cannot fund the project alone. She asked the board to look at business interests and possibly other governments as funding sources.

Board chairman Clyde Echols said none of Smitherman's concerns will derail the project.

"The project stands for itself," Echols said. "The people want this. Whoever is the new mayor is will be encouraged to accept it and go forward with it."

Echols said the board will provide information to Smitherman and he plans to meet with her.