Double fatal car accident discovered in Pinson

PINSON, AL (WBRC) - It was a somber sight along Highway 75 in Pinson Wednesday morning as the family of Coda and Elizabeth Davison waited for the couple's car to be pulled out of a culvert.  The Davisons, both 77-years old, were killed in an accident Tuesday night.

According to the Jefferson county sheriff's office, the Davisons were leaving the CVS Pharmacy on Highway 75 in Pinson when they pulled out in front of an oncoming truck and were hit.  At first, authorities were told the Davisons fled the scene and left the driver of the other truck with non threatening injuries.

On Wednesday morning, highway workers found the Davisons car in a culvert about 85 feet from the roadway.  The vehicle was overturned and the couple was found dead inside.  Authorities say the vehicle had overturned.

"My brother, he knew the Lord.  His wife was a Christian.  And I'm just glad they could go together if they had to go," said Bill Davison, Mr. Davison's brother.  "We're a real close knit family," echoed Billy Davison, the victims' nephew. "Something happen to one of us, it is devastating.   We're close."

Family members say Coda Davison was a merchant marine who returned to his home state of Alabama after retiring.  After losing his first wife, he met Elizabeth and they were married just three years ago.

"They were happy they found each other and made each other happy," Bill Davison said.   "They're very loving people, don't meet no strangers and they're real friendly."  

The family says the couple was strong in their faith and it is that faith they're relying on now to get them through.