ABI investigating Pell City officer involved in fatal shooting

PELL CITY, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer involved shooting in Pell City.   During that shooting, one man was killed and an officer was wounded.  

A statement released by the Pell City Police Department says around 7:30 Thursday evening, officers along with St. Clair County Sheriff's deputies tried to serve a search warrant at the home of 41-year old Barry Douglas Bush.  Bush lived in a trailer in the Shadydale Mobile Home Park.  

While serving the warrant, a shot was fired and both Bush and an officer were taken to the hospital.  Bush died a short time later.  Friday afternoon, friends and family gathered at Bush's trailer, wondering why the shooting took place.  

"We want an explanation," said Bush's cousin, Danielle Bush. "We want to know what happened in that trailer because we can't get our cousin to tell us what happened. And ain't nobody been over here trying to tell us what happened."

At a news conference Friday afternoon, Pell City Mayor Bill Hereford urged the community to be patient while the ABI conducts its investigation.  "We must be careful not to draw conclusions before the facts are in," Hereford said.  

Police captain Ed Brasher also attended that news conference.  While he was unable to give facts about the case, he acknowledged the incident is tough for the department and the community.  "Anytime you have anything of this magnitude happen in your city, it's bad for everybody."

But Bush's family says they cannot help but ask questions.  They say he was not fighting officers who served the warrant and show us the chair where they say he was sitting when he was shot.  They also say he recently had back surgery that made him immobile.  

"We just want answers," Danielle Bush said fighting back tears.  "If they can give us answers, we're here to listen."  An ABI spokesperson says as soon as their investigation is complete, they will turn their findings over to the St. Clair County District Attorney.