Birmingham voters swamped with mayoral candidates

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham voters will have to examine a lot of information about a growing list of candidates for mayor. At this time there are 13 and more may join the race.

"It means there is no clear front runner. Everyone sees an opportunity for lightning to strike and they can get the job," Larry Powell, UAB pollster said.
Powell says it may be impossible for voters to get all of the information they need. "No way they can sift through that many potential candidates, in two, three or four weeks and make a logical decision on all of them," Powell said.
Birmingham Times Publisher Jesse Lewis says so many candidates will be very difficult for voters to understand all of their positions. According to Lewis, "It's going to be a complete fiasco."

Lewis says candidates new to politics may be favored in this race."I hate to say this, the others are wasting their time even getting into this," Lewis said.
Voters are also surprised by the large number. "First of all, I think it's ridiculous that many people are in the race for the mayorship," Gwen Young said.
Voters are split over how much experience they want in a candidate for mayor. "I'm going to vote according to experience. Who have been in the longest and who has worked beside the mayor," Young said.
Others disagree. "Want a fresh face. We want someone new," D.L. Blackman said.
Whoever wins, they will only serve for two years and be forced to run in the regular election. Powell says with potential candidates on the city council there may not be much accomplished in the next two years. "I think the city will stagnate for two years. I think the city government will go into the stall mode." Powell said.

The list for mayoral candidates may become longer, still. Richard Arrington, who was mayor for 20 years, says he will announce Monday whether he will run again. Democratic State Representative Mary Moore says she will announce Tuesday whether she is entering the race. That is the last day to qualify. The election is December eighth