Protests break out at Kelly Ingram Park

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Those opposed to big government had a chance to voice their protest in a historic Birmingham park. A crowd jammed into part of Kelly Ingram Park on Monday.

Most of the protestors opposed the Obama Administration healthcare plan.

"Mainly, I want to kill the healthcare thing. We older people are being discriminated against."Virginia Lyons said.

Others voiced concerns about the influence of federal government.

"We want to keep the government out of our houses, out of our churches. We want to do our own thing and smaller government."Don DeLoach of Calera said.
Others are concerned about policies affecting veterans.

"Some of the policies enacted now are not for the people of the United States," Mark Fisher of Hueytown said.
Not everyone agreed with the Tea Party Express holding their rally in Kelly Ingram Park, the site of historic civil rights demonstrations of the past.

"Of all the parks in the city in the city why come here to hallowed ground and talk against this good thing that can benefit citizens of the country, black and white," Shirley Floyd said.
Others agreed. "I will defend their right to protest anywhere but I feel it was a slap in the face every civil rights marcher for this to be here," Charlene Cannon said.
But one of the entertainers with the Tea Party Express strongly disagreed. "We are the real patriots. We are trying to save America. This is totally America. This is the perfect place to have this," Lloyd Marcus of Florida said.

The express hopes to impact the congressional races in next year's elections.