Out of the Darkeness Walk

Hundreds gathered in Shelby County Sunda afternoon for the "Out of the Darkness walk" aimed at raising awareness of suicide prevention.

The annual event is the 2nd-largest of its kind in the country and raises almost $100,000 for suicide prevention education and research.

586 pairs of shoes lined the course at Heardmont park, representing the 586 lives lost to suicide in Alabama last year.

The walk's organizers say half the money raised will stay in state for DVDs and other information aimed at high-risk teens and their parents who may be coping with depression.

"A lot of people don't know what they're dealing with,"Shelby County Schools' Counseling Supervisor Cindy Wiley said. "They don't understand what they're dealing with. They know that they're sad, they know they're upset, they know they're children have stopped being involved in activites, but they can't put a name on it, they can't put depression on it."

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