Car burglaries on the rise in Trussville

TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Trussville police are warning people to lock their cars after a recent spike in burglaries in the area. The police department is investigating 25 cases in the last month, and several in just the last week.

Police Chief Don Sibley said if residents take the proper precautions, then the problem can be avoided.

"By our numbers, if vehicles were locked and possessions were out of sight, that would reduce the number of cases by 88 percent in Trussville alone," said Sibley.

Police are increasing patrols, but are also asking residents to look out for anything suspicious and alert them. Residents said it is an important reminder to be safe.

"I don't leave anything in the car that people can see from the outside they would want," said Mary Sands, "I lock my doors, and I park where light is."

Police also warn residents that car break-ins typically increase around the holidays.