Cell phone cameras capture brutal bus beating

MONTEVALLO, AL (WBRC) - A school bus fight leads to a ninth grader being charged with assault and placed in an alternative school.
The incident took place last week and involved students at Montevallo High School. The whole thing was caught on cell phone cameras. The footage shows one ninth grader go over to another ninth grader and start hitting her. Witnesses say this was the first attack. Later when the school bus was rolling the cell phone camera recorded a second attack.

"The bus driver found an immediate place to turn over and tried to resolve the issue," says Montevallo Principal Derek Dearman.

The ninth grader who first hit the other student has been charged with assault and has been removed from the high school.

"In this case it's viewed as a class three assault. As such, the student received discipline which was referred to out alternative school," says Shelby County spokesperson Cindy Warner.

The girl will remain at the alternative school until it is deemed appropriate to allow her to return.

"Our ultimate goal is for the student to continue their education," adds Warner. "Then re-enter the normal school environment."
Derek Dearman says while fights are common place at most schools across the country, news of this attack has drawn unwanted attention to the community.

"This is not indicative of our student population," says Dearman. "That's why it has become as upsetting as it has."
System spokeswoman Cindy Warner says educators at Montevallo and with the Shelby County schools take the security and safety of students seriously. That is why all students answer to a code of conduct.
Principal Dearman says his school and buses are safe, but confrontations happen at any school.
The mother of the girl who was struck tells FOX6 News she plans to remove her child from Montevallo High and have her home schooled.