Smoot attorney claims federal prosecutors lying in complaint

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - An attorney for Jefferson County Commissioner Shelia Smoot says federal prosecutors are lying in a complaint that points at Smoot, accusing her of pressuring an investment bank to give business to Alabama firms.

J.P. Morgan Chase and Company settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission over allegations the company paid friends of county commissioners in order to land hundreds of millions of dollars in bond work. In a complaint filed in federal court in Birmingham, a former official with J.P. Morgan claimed Smoot called and demanded two Alabama firms to get more money out of the bond deal.

On Thursday, Smoot's attorney Jim Parkman tells FOX6 news after meeting with SEC investigators last year, he demanded proof that such took place.

Jim Parkman remarked "Show me the date and conversation. They taped everything. Especially with someone involved in a congressional campaign. It's not there. It's not right."

Parkman tells FOX6 News the commissioner, who is running for Congress, may consider some sort of action challenging the allegations in the SEC complaint.