Court hearing held to fight Bessemer Cutoff bingo closures

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - In Jefferson County on Tuesday afternoon, a court hearing will take place in the Bessemer Cutoff to fight the closure of bingo parlors in that area of the county.

The city of Fairfield has challenged a Thursday deadline to shut down.
There are three bingo halls in Fairfield and all are currently operating.

Jefferson County District Attorney Arthur Green has ordered all of the bingo halls in the Bessemer Cutoff to shut down by midnight Thursday.

Fairfield attorney Michael Trucks says, "The only way that can be avoided is let this stay be issued, let this issue proceed through the circuit court, through the appellate court system. Let the Supreme Court give us a ruling where it applies to everyone, whether it be Macon County or Jefferson County or Walker County."

Tomorrow, another court hearing will challenge the ruling to shut down bingo parlors for the rest of Jefferson County.