Blount County residents gather to discuss Highway 160

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A state official meets with concerned citizens in Blount County over a road people call too dangerous and deadly.

There have been several deaths on a stretch of Highway 160, including three Hayden cheerleaders who were killed almost two-years ago.

Governor Bob Riley made a promise to people in 2006 to widen Highway 160 through Hayden making it safer and folks feel as though that promise was broken.

Tony Harris with the state department of transportation says the widening project will take time.

"It takes the amount of time it takes that's not really determined by us, it's determined by the federal review process that we are going through, " said Tony Harris. "Our goal is to get this done as quickly as possible keep the commitment the governor made."

"We appreciate everything that's being done and we know things of this nature take time. We still feel like it needs to be pushed higher on the priority list, said concerned citizen Dale Thomas. "Just when we think things are headed in the right direction, someone else is injured or killed."

Harris says there have been safety measures implemented to Highway 160.

Turning lanes have been added in front schools, as well as guard rails at shoulder drop-offs. He says speeding devices are on the highway and state troopers are out enforcing the speed limits.