Demonstrators look for return of electronic bingo in Walker County

WALKER COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Hundreds of demonstrators are trying to tell Walker County commissioners that they want electronic bingo.

The rally takes place ahead of another court hearing concerning Walker County bingo halls.

Hundreds gathered during the county commission meeting, but those supporters walked away empty handed. County commissioners say they cannot do anything for them.

Bingo hall operators, employees and customers made up the crowd Monday morning. They are reacting to last week's court ruling that says electronic bingo does not meet the legal requirements to be treated like paper bingo.

The paper version of the game is the only action you could find at bingo halls in Walker County over the weekend. The crowds in those halls were much lower than before the ruling and that prompted people on Monday to urge commissioners to pass a resolution calling for a vote to clarify the law. Commissioners did not do it.

On Monday afternoon, Judge Robert Vance will hold a hearing between bingo operators, the Walker County sheriff and district attorney. Operators want the judge to allow the bingo halls to continue while they appeal his decision. If the judge does not grant the stay, those electronic bingo machines remain unplugged.