Birmingham residents want crime reduced and potholes filled

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Now that Carole Smitherman is acting-mayor of Birmingham, people who live in the city have some strong opinions about what should be her first focus.

Many residents said she should focus on reducing crime in the city, fixing potholes, and bringing new business to the city.

"I would love to see Mayor Smitherman work on crime, work on finances and increase business on the black side of town," said Birmingham resident Clarence Muhammad.

Many residents said they are optimistic it will be a smooth transition between former Mayor Larry Langford and Smitherman. They said Smitherman brings experience and a fresh approach to the office.

"Birmingham is a great city with great leaders," said resident Rodney Burnes, "The people have spoken. Justice is what it is, but Carole Smitherman will move the city forward."

Former Mayor Larry Langford started several projects, including plans for a domed stadium, that residents would like to see Smitherman continue.

"I think she needs to continue to work on some of the projects Larry put in place," said Terry Bates, "but, I think she should concern herself with the economy and consider all the financial aspects of everything."