NASCAR driver helps build Habitat home

WYLAM, AL (WBRC) - Most folks know Elliott Sadler for driving car number 19 in the Nascar Sprint cup series.  But Thursday, he was driving nails into the foundation of a brand new home.

In town this weekend for the races at Talladega, Sadler decided to first make a pit stop in Birmingham and help build a Habitat for Humanity home.  "I think the coolest thing is I get to physically work," Sadler said.  "It's been amazing, cool, so many volunteers.  It's an honor to me and to because to see smiles means more than anything."

Once it's complete, the home will belong to Debbie Perryman, who has dreamed of owning her own home since she was 8.  "Here I am today," Perryman said looking at the frame of her house located in the Wylam community of Birmingham.  "I can't believe I'm watching the walls go up in my own home."  She's especially excited for her 11-year old son, Jeremiah who says he's looking forward to meeting new friends.  Thursday they pitched in with the work alongside Sadler.  "Hammering, lifting up stuff, nail guns," Jeremiah described the work he'd done.  "I'm probably the first kid to build his own home."

Both he and his mom say knowing a true Nascar driver pitched in to help makes the experience even sweeter.  "Whether you believe this or not coming from a kid, I'm truly blessed," Jeremiah said.   His mom echoed those sentiments.  "I mean, he has a race to do in a couple of days.  But he's taken time out to day.  Thank you.  I appreciate it."  Sadler said he was glad to do the work and hopes to continue with Habitat projects in the future.  "We feel blessed to give time and effort back to have a better life and that's what we want to do.

The Perryman family will move into their home in December.