Smitherman: We need to move forward

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Moving forward with a smooth transition is what acting Mayor Carole Smitherman says is her goal as she takes a new role.

On Thursday Smitherman met with city employees at Boutwell auditorium. She spoke about her vision for Birmingham's future and how city workers can help.

Hundreds of city employees including several city council members packed into Boutwell Auditorium.  All anxious to hear from acting Mayor Carole Smitherman.

Smitherman was all business as she addressed city employees.  First, she told them they will keep their jobs and said the city government has not stopped operating.  She says, in order for the city to improve, they all have to work together.

Smitherman thanked city employees for their hard work and encouraged them to stay vigilant, ethical and good representatives of the city.  She said she will work hard to keep them updated on what is going on throughout the city.

Staff members in the mayor's office say they have been impressed with Smitherman's approach so far.  They hope her open and honest approach to the job will keep the city stable during a tough time.

City employees and Smitherman hope this meeting is the first step of a smooth transition and a bright future for the city.