Mayor Smitherman has message for city employees and its residents

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - In one of her first acts on her initial day as mayor, Carole Smitherman addressed city employees at Boutwell Auditorium.

Hundreds of city workers, city councilors, and members of the mayor's staff packed into the auditorium. Smitherman first told employees their jobs are safe, but she wants everyone to work together on a smooth transition.

"I thought it was important to talk with them to assure them leadership is on the job and we have plans for the future," said Smitherman, "I want them to have a direct connection to me."

Smitherman stressed that communication is key, and she plans to keep city employees updated on all big projects going on in the city. In return, she is asking that employees are ethical, and continue to set a good example for the city. City employees were grateful to hear the update.

"I feel good," said Danita Booker, "I think it was a great meeting, to inform us on what is going on and what's not, and even the things she will implement at this point."

Members of former Mayor Larry Langford's staff said they applauded Smitherman's efforts, and think she has helped keep the city stable during a tough time.

"Everybody was concerned for their jobs, and the city," said the chief of operations, Chris Hartsell, "I think she has had an outstanding, calming effect on the city to this point, and I look forward to moving forward with her."