Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread Pizza

Mazer Kitchen

Good Day Alabama for Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grilled Flatbread:

Dough: 2 c flour

2 oz oil

1 T salt

1 T sugar

.25 oz fresh compressed yeast

6-8 oz. Water

Add yeast to water and sugar

Mix and allow it to bubble (should look like a sponge) approximately 5 minutes

Add oil, flour, and salt

Knead until it forms a ball

Let rest (should double in size)

Roll out balls the size of your hand and refrigerate for one hour

Flour table and roll out with rolling pin

1 piece of dough





Blue cheese


Arugula (chiffonade)

Brush dough with oil, salt and pepper

Lay on grill until dough starts to rise

Carefully flip

Add toppings as needed