Legal experts stunned by swiftness of Langford verdict

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones and criminal defense attorney Jim Parkman say they are both stunned at how quickly the jury in the Larry Langford federal corruption trial came to their decision. In an interview on Good Day Alabama, both men addressed their thoughts about the trial.

"There were problems in the defense, but I was surprised that the jurors didn't hold out over some of the issues," says Jim Parkman.

Doug Jones added that "It was stunning that it happened so quick. The fact that there was so much evidence... the jury was sending a message to politicians everywhere."

Both men say that it was brave of Langford to go out and face the media. Jones says that it served him well in regards of his sentencing except for playing the 'blame game'. Parkman says he would usually cringe if a client of his did that, but found it impressive that Langford was facing the music.

An appeal of the trial is expected and Doug Jones thinks you will see it focus on the idea that the jury was wrongly selected. Parkman says that might be a mistake.

"The verdict wasn't racial, it was a prejudice issue. Prejudice of money and politics. It's just as powerful as race," says Parkman.

Jones added, "People want to see politician put their money where their mouth is. This is not the first public corruption trial in Birmingham.  The public is fed up with money and political shenanigans."