Langford attorney: Wednesday was a tragic day

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Attorney Glennon Threatt says it was a tragic experience watching Larry Langford talk to the media after receiving his guilty verdict on all 60 counts in his federal corruption trial.

"It was a tragic thing to see happen to a client who turned into a friend. It was like watching someone dissolve," says Threatt. "After hearing him say he wasn't going to city hall, it encapsulated what was most tragic about it. This was a person whose life had been politics and it was over in the twinkle of an eye."

After the trial, Langford had made comments on how he felt the jury was not a 'jury of his peers.' Threatt says that they had made a Batson challenge during jury selection, because they felt that the prosecution was selecting jury members in a racially-biased manner. He expects the issue to return in a later appeal.

When asked about whether or not it was a good idea to keep Langford from testifying, Threatt says, "When you lose a case, you look at everything in retrospect." Threatt adds that many times his clients are not articulate, but Langford is a professional communicator.  He says that Langford was the one who decided to not testify.

Threat expects to begin the appeals process after Langford receives his sentencing.