Residents react to Langford verdict

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Voters react to Larry Langford's verdict. Many were surprised by the jury's decision.

Some people were extremely upset about the verdict, and they are surprised it came down so quickly.

Others aren't so surprised. They say justice was served and don't think race had anything to do with the jury's decision.

At Etheridge Brothers Barber Shop in downtown Birmingham, folks watched the breaking news coverage when the verdict came in.

One person says he was shocked about how it all ended.

"I didn't expect to walk in this barber shop and find he was guilty on all counts, maybe half or some not all," said Donnell Cole.

"I thought for sure he would get acquitted, said David Wilson. "I think it's a shame they pulled the race card after the verdict though."

Birmingham voters say it's a sad and embarrassing time for Birmingham and for a mayor who many thought did a lot during his time as the leader of the city.