La Cocina's Shrimp Tortilla Soup

La Cocina's Shrimp Tortilla Soup

2 qts of your favorite chicken stock

1 pound Alabama Wild Shrimp[16-20 count]peeled and deveined,cut in half

Salt and pepper to taste

Juice of one lime

1 ripe avocado

Pico de Gallo

1 tomato,diced

1/4 yellow onion,diced

6 sprigs cilantro,chopped

Juice of one lemon

1 jalapeno pepper,diced

Pinch of sugar and salt

Combine all ingredients in bowl.Set aside.

Chili Sauce

1 8 oz tomato paste

1 cup water

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon chili powder

1/2 teaspoon oregano

1/2 bell pepper,diced

1/2 tomato,diced

Pinch of salt

Warm your water,add tomato paste.Simmer,and stir,until blended.Add your spices,and pepper,tomato.Simmer for 10 minutes.Set aside.

Warm your chicken stock over medium-high heat.Add 1 cup of your chili sauce.Reduce heat to medium,and add shrimp to soup.Cook shrimp for about 2 minutes or until pink.Add lime juice,and watch this soup just get better by the minute.Slice your avocado,Serve in nice bowls with avocado slices and add tortilla strips.Your taste buds are going to love the different flavors that come together.We usually serve this on Wednesday nights as a special,but will have it on Thursday and Friday as well.You can have this as a meal or a starter.Try this and I think you will love it!!!Look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you,
Mark Giorgi

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