Closing arguments to begin in Larry Langford trial

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Attorneys will deliver closing arguments on Wednesday morning in the corruption trial of Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford. Langford's attorneys offered a brief defense Tuesday in a federal courtroom in Tuscaloosa. Soon the jury must decide Langford's fate.

On Tuesday, Langford's defense team called witnesses including a pastor, a librarian and an investment banker. That investment banker, Rick Fitzgerald previously worked at Goldman Sachs, who did business with Jefferson County. Fitzgerald testified about Bill Blount's involvement in deals that never included Larry Langford's input. Fitzgerald said Langford never told him to hire Blount as a broker dealer, but he was hired because of his familiarity with the county.

Pastor Ocie Oden of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church says Langford has given him numerous items of clothing including around 60 suits; many still had tags on them. The defense is possibly trying to connect the dots with all the suits Blount bought for Langford, but because of the prosecution's objection, jurors did not hear all those details.

Then Mattie Jackson, a long time librarian, took the stand and told jurors Langford was an honest, law abiding man, never knowing him to be dishonest in anything.

Leaving the courthouse, Langford says he's confident and will rely on his faith to get him through. Langford spoke to FOX6 News reporter Ashley Nix Tuesday afternoon after his attorneys rested their defense.

"Do you feel positive?" Nix asked.

"I've felt positive from day one," Langford replied.

"Anything else you wanna say?" Nix asked.

"God got this now...the Lord has this now," Langford said.

Attorneys and prosecutors both finished presenting witnesses Tuesday afternoon.  The judge scheduled closing arguments to begin Wednesday morning.

If convicted, Langford would be immediately removed from office and could face many years in prison.