Alabama's September unemployment numbers ranked 10th worst

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama wins a dubious distinction. In September, the state had the 10th highest unemployment rate among the 50 states. It also recorded the nation's third fastest growth in unemployment for the last year.

Alabama's unemployment rate of 10.7% for September was the state's highest in more than 24 years. And August's rate of 10.3% was 12th worst among the states.

UAB Marketing Professor Mickey Gee said the numbers aren't surprising. He said Alabama's economy is based on the manufacturing, mining and automobile industries, and all three of those areas have been greatly affected by the recession. However, He is still optimistic things will improve next year.

"We are seeing signs of coming out," said Gee, "Right now what we are seeing is a jobless recovery. We are seeing jobs come back slower than we lost them. I think once we get into second quarter of 2010 we should see improvements."

Alabamians looking for work are still hopeful the situation improves.

"It's been different, taking odd jobs, looking for things that provide income," said Tracey Godfrey, "However, I know the hard work will pay off."