Langford Trial, Week Two

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Week two of the federal corruption trial of Birmingham mayor Larry Langford continues Monday. It is expected that the prosecution will continue it's case and put more witnesses on the stand.

Last week the prosecution put key witnesses, Bill Blount and Al LaPeirre, on the stand. Bill Blount testified Thursday that he bribed Larry Langford with cash, clothes and gifts in exchange for county business. "I bribed Larry Langford by providing cash through LaPierre and gifts like clothes," Blount said. "I wanted to keep Larry Langford happy, avoid scandal, and make sure Blount Parrish (Blount's company) was in on as many deals as possible."

The defense is expected to get their turn to put on it's case early this week. The Dean of Cumberland Law School John Carroll says there is a chance that Langford's attorneys may not even put on a case, "most of the evidence is undisputed, it may be that the defense simply says, look the government hasn't proved anything and we aren't going to put on any evidence. They have listed character witnesses they may put on, but they may not be effective, this weekend they are assessing where they are"

The trial could go to the jury by the end of this week.