Young lawyers march on Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - About 100 young lawyers from across the country marched in downtown Birmingham Friday.

The group was taking part in the American Bar Association's Young Lawyer's Public Service program called, "They Had A Dream, Too." The march was to retrace the route of the children's civil rights march to Kelly Ingram Park back in the 1960's. 
"I think it's magnificent to pay tribute to young individuals who were able to inspire themselves to put themselves out there to fight for a cause," Mario Sullivan of Chicago said.

The attorneys carried the names of marchers of the past, and while most of these marchers knew little of those names, they still felt inspired to take part in the event.

"I was born in Jamaica," Kelly-Ann Clarke of Texas said.  "My family moved to Texas and allowed me to go to school in North Carolina. I couldn't have done that if the world hadn't changed."

The young lawyers paid tribute to the youngsters of the past who sacrificed in the civil rights movement.  The march was also used to inspire youngsters of today to do more.

"I think a lot of kids don't understand the struggles of the past and understand the power they can harness by getting involved," Jennifer Morris of Texas said.

College students visiting the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Museum also watched.

"I want to have an impact like people had in the day," Marissa Evans of Marquette University said. "To fight for a cause and to show people they don't have to settle for less than the best."