LaPierre expected to testify on Day 5 of Langford trial

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A second co-defendant is expected to testify Friday in Larry Langford's corruption trial. Prosecutors plan to use testimony from Al LaPierre to defend their case.

On Thursday, Montgomery investment banker Bill Blount spent most of the day on the stand testifying about what he says was a plan to keep County Commission President Larry Langford happy in order to make lots of money off county bond deals.

Larry Langford's defense used their opening statements to paint Bill Blount as the mastermind behind a scheme Langford knew nothing about. When Blount stepped onto the stand, the courtroom was buzzing with anticipation of pivotal testimony.

Blount testified that he funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts to Langford, sometimes through lobbyist Al LaPierre. Blount said he did it because he wanted to bribe Langford and to "keep Larry happy, because I hoped to be included in county bond business."

Blount also testified that he made up false promissory notes to make the payments to Langford look like loans, even though he never expected to be paid back.

Langford's defense team asked Blount if Langford ever asked for a cut of the more than $7 million Blount made off the deals and Blount said no. When asked if Langford demanded that Blount buy him gifts, Blount said, "No, but he would pick them out, put them on the table, and he didn't reach for his wallet."

Defense attorney Mike Rasmussen also asked if Blount ever told Langford that he was the source of the money coming from LaPierre and Blount said no, but he assumed Langford knew.