Day 4 of Langford trial may bring Bill Blount testimony

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The federal corruption trial of Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford continues on to day 4. Co-defendant and Montgomery investment banker Bill Blount could take the witness stand in what would be a dramatic moment in this case.

On Wednesday, prosecutors introduced witnesses who detailed those complicated bond swaps while Larry Langford was county commission president. They also introduced more evidence about gifts sent to Langford from Blount.

Day three of the Larry Langford trial was a day of a lot of paperwork and a lot of financial details. At time it appeared that several members of the jury had a difficult time concentrating on all of the complex information regarding bond swaps.

Prosecutors are arguing that Blount provided Langford with $235,000 in expensive clothes, jewelry and loans in exchange for bond work that made 7.1 million dollars for Blount's Montgomery-based firm.

It is expected that Bill Blount could testify on Thursday. Jefferson County Commissioners Shelia Smoot and Bettye Fine Collins also could take the stand.